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Introducing the PG-20

Hello SLPs, therapists, researchers, singers and others! We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about the PG-20. We’re glad that you’re excited about our latest product. We’ve gotten emails and calls asking about the PG-20 and what the standard set comes with.  The PG-20 is a handheld, battery-operated device that gives a real-time estimate of the lung pressure during speech or singing.

Well, first off, the PG-20 comes with Glottal’s promise of excellent quality and workmanship. All our products are designed, tested and manufactured to give you precise and accurate measurements that you can use in work and research.

Glottal Enterprises' PG-20

The PG-20 system comes with 1 (one) PG-20 unit, a 9-volt battery, intraoral pressure tubes, each with a mating Luer connector, and a manual. The PG-20 system is a handheld, portable device that measures subglottal (lung) pressure and displays this on an analog meter. The PG-20 does not require any software or a computer to use. Because the PG-20 kit contains all the equipment you will need to set it up right out of the box, you needn’t buy transducers or any other extra equipment (the pressure transducer is inside the unit).  We will soon be uploading a link to our YouTube channel with a video of unboxing of the PG-20 , so stay tuned.

Our website currently features the PG-20; however, we also offer the PG-100. The PG-100 can measure up to 100 cm of water and will be of interest to singers, or singing researchers. Most SLPs will prefer the PG-20, since it covers the range of lung pressure used in speech. Both, the PG-20 and the PG-100 can also be used for static air pressure tests.

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